St. Thomas - the Angelic Doctor

"...Aquinas raised Theology to the highest eminence, for his knowledge of divine things was absolutely perfect..." Pope Pius XI, Studiorum Ducem.

"He alone enlightened the Church more than all other doctors; a man can derive more profit in a year from his books than from pondering all his life the teaching of others." Pope John XXII, quoted by Pope Pius XI, op. cit..

"Doctrina ejus non potroit esse sine miraculo (His learning cannot be explained without admitting a miracle)." Pope John XXII.

"The study of philosophy and theology and the teaching of these sciences to their students must be accurately carried out by Professors (in seminaries etc.) according to the arguments, doctrine, and principles of St. Thomas which they are inviolately to hold." Code of Canon Law, 1366, 2.

An iconographic image of the Angelic Doctor.
St. Thomas is shown with a halo, representing his sanctity; the Holy Ghost whispers intimately in his ear, for, in the words of Pope Pius XI, "Thomas wrote under the inspiration of the supernatural Spirit which animated his life"; Rosary beads indicate his wonderful devotion to the Mother of God; his noble frame is clothed in the habit of St. Dominic, whose true son he was, for like St. Dominic, St. Thomas only ever spoke "of God, or to God"; he clasps the Holy Scriptures, which he knew by heart, just as he knew by heart most of the Fathers who commented them; and he holds a quill, representing the fruits of his profound contemplation being passed on, in accordance with the Dominican motto - "to transmit the fruits of contemplation." Finally, we see the device most unique to the Angelic Doctor, the Sun located on his breast, symbolising by its light and warmth the divine wisdom and charity which the Common Doctor possessed in equal, superabundant, measure, and which has enlightened and set fire to the entire world.
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