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How One Should Sleep, The Third Spiritual Alphabet
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Author:  Moto [ Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:52 am ]
Post subject:  How One Should Sleep, The Third Spiritual Alphabet

p. 355

"Even though there is nothing less certain than dreams nor anything we should more promptly reject than fantasies we dream because they are uncertain, nevertheless, many good things can occur to recollected people while asleep.

The very capriciousness of our dreams demonstrates that often what may seem true in them actually is the height of falsehood, and so every person, no matter how naive, should know that, on awakening, he must push his dreams away and cast them out of his heart, as the wise man advised: "Where there are many dreams, there are many vanities." Ecccles. 5:6

Because the devil is so clever he can know what we dream and in fact often cause our dreams, he can make some of what we dream at night happen to us during the day for the purpose of making us believe our dreams. If you dream, for example that a house falls on you, it might happen that while walking along some street the wind blows off a tile; then you will say this was what you dreamed. Or you may dream that you are speaking with some person very far away from you, and the next day they bring you a letter from him or someone gives you news of his health; then you say your dream came true. To avoid these vanities and countless other snares set by the idle, malicious devil, the wise man cautioned: "Dreams caused many to go astray and those who trusted in them failed." Ecclus. 34:7

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