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Fellay expels Williamson? (Thouvenot letter)
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Author:  Gandolfo 1958 [ Tue Jun 26, 2012 9:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Fellay expels Williamson? (Thouvenot letter)

Traditio reports that Fellay has expelled Williamson from the SSPX.

'A press release from Christian Thouvenot, Secretary-general of the Neo-SSPX, cites the invalid 1983 New Code of Canon Law when announcing that Bernie Fellay, the Superior-Dictator of the Neo-SSPX, has expelled the Neo-SSPX's senior Bishop, Richard Williamson, as a member of the Chapter "for taking a position calling for a rebellion, and for his continually repeated disobedience." ... Fellay charges that Williamson has "stirred up hostilities and hatred among subjects against the Apostolic See."'

Author:  John Lane [ Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fellay expels Williamson?

No, he hasn't expelled him from the SSPX, he has excluded him from what is called the General Chapter, which meets every six years to consult and make decisions for the Fraternity, and to elect (every twelve years) the Superior General.

Author:  John Lane [ Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fellay expels Williamson?

Here's the letter:

Excellencies, and Superiors,

As you know, our Superior General responded to the letter of the 16th March from Cardinal Levada who tried to impose the doctrinal Preamble of the 14th September 2011. By this document, dated 15th April, he wished to break free from the impasse created by this Preamble. According to several concurring sources, the new text seemed to satisfy the Sovereign Pontiff.

On the 13th June, 2012, Cardinal Levada returned to our Superior General his text of April, but it was amended in such a way that it still took up, in substance, the propositions of September, 2011. Msgr. Fellay also made known to him that he could not sign this new document, which was clearly unacceptable. The coming General Chapter will permit the analysis of the entire dossier.

Moreover, I inform all the members of the Chapter, that in virtue of Canon 2331, Paragraph 1 and 2 (New Code 1373) the Superior General has deprived Msgr. Williamson of his office as member of the Chapter for taking a position calling for a rebellion, and for his continually repeated disobedience. He has equally forbidden him to come to Econe for the ordinations.

Finally, Msgr. Fellay has deferred the ordinations of the Dominicans of Avrille and the Capuchins of Morgon, who were foreseen to have been ordained at Econe this coming 29th June. The putting off of orders was dictated simply by the wish of Bishop Fellay to be assured of the loyalty of these communities, before laying hands upon their candidates (cf. I Timothy 5:22).

Be assured Excellencies and Superiors of my respectful and faithful priestly wishes.

Fr. Christian Thouvenot.

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