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Bishop Fellay - Sermon today - the deal is dead for now
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Author:  John Lane [ Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Bishop Fellay - Sermon today - the deal is dead for now

And when we celebrate this Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, we cannot not think of Rome. And we cannot forget this love that our founder had for Rome, and that he wished and that he wanted to inculcate in his children. We are Roman! And this we cannot put behind us! Even if we live in difficult times, even if we have to suffer from the Rome of today, this cannot at all weaken this true, effective and affectionate love for Rome, because it was the good God the one who chose this City to be the head of the Church. This does not mean that we will love the errors, certainly not, we suffer them. But one cannot let oneself, we can say, be put off by what is happening, at the point of giving up. No, it is necessary to maintain, which is what we try to do.

Certainly, you ask of me, 'What is happening with Rome?" If up to now we have said almost nothing, it is because we do not have much to tell you. Up to now, things are at a stage, we can say, of a full stop. In the sense that there have been tos and fros, there have been exchanges, effectively, dealings, proposals, but we are at the point of departure. The point of departure in which we had said not being able to accept, not being able to sign. We are there, that is all. We see, on one hand, this situation getting complicated, it has been two, three years I have said before, in Rome, before the contradiction. Since 2009, I have said it, and I repeat it, and well that takes place every day. It is the state of the Church, what do you want? There are those who try, who wish to move further, we can say, on Progressivism and on the consequences of Progressivism. There are others who wish corrections to take place. And we, in the middle, we have become as a ping-pong ball, that everyone hits. We know that in the end, in the end, the Church will find herself again, and to us belongs this yearning of not being satisfied with a certain, let us say, comfort. With a situation that is simply not normal. We cannot become in the end used, because we are in a situation in which we do whatever we want, to consider the state in which we find ourselves as normal. This isn't true. Simply not true. It is normal that we seek, with respect for all conditions that are necessary, evidently, to recover this title, that is ours, to which we have a right, of Catholics. This doesn't mean that we must place ourselves simply in the hands of the Modernists, this has nothing to do with it.

But it is a difficult situation, difficult, everything seems electric, we see clearly that the devil runs unchained on all sides. And therefore, this is the time for prayer. It is a difficult moment. For us, about us, all sorts of things are said. Dear God, the only thing we wish for is to make God's will, that is all. The will of God is expressed in facts. ... It is also clear that we cannot bring good to all the Church than by remaining faithful to this heritage of the Archbishop. From which come these famous, I don't know, "conditions", "assurances", that we have presented several times, that must ensure that the Society will remain what it is. If, at a certain time, a collaboration is conceivable, when, how, well the circumstances will show it.

Author:  John Lane [ Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bishop Fellay - Sermon today - the deal is dead for now

He's certainly making his disappointment clear.

A highly significant phrase, this "City to be the head of the Church" - "this true, effective and affectionate love for Rome, because it was the good God the one who chose this City to be the head of the Church."

That is rubbish. The City of Rome is not the head of the Church. It is a city like any other, with one particular privilege - its bishop is the visible head of the Church, and always will be. Whether he lives in Avignon or Mukinbudin, or in Rome itself, he's the Bishop of Rome and therefore the visible head of the Church. But the City is precisely the entity which will lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist. Not the Church of Rome, the City in which it subsists, of which some of the members are also members of the Catholic Church.

Why did Bishop Fellay employ such a strange formulation? Because the only connection between Catholics and Rome, in essence, is the fact that its bishop is the visible head of the Church. What do we love about Rome? The papacy, which is inseparably connected to her. Why did Bishop Fellay not say, "this true, effective and affectionate love for the Roman Pontiff, because it was the good God the one who chose the bishop of this City to be the head of the Church"? Perhaps because it sounds terrible for a Catholic to speak of his "true, effective and affectionate love for" Benedict, in a sermon in which you are admitting that you are not subject to him, and cannot be, unless you deny the faith, deny God, reject Our Lord Jesus Christ, apostatise.

Author:  John Lane [ Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Bishop Fellay - Sermon today - the deal is dead for now

Bishop Fellay has abandoned the principle of no agreement without doctrinal correction on the part of “rome”. He certainly changed a principle. He shifted position. He has no right to complain, as he does, that others refused to change position with him. A fortiori he cannot punish for excesses committed under the influence of strong passion which he aroused by his words and actions.

Unfortunately, his leadership has failed on several points, I think, and continues to fail. Surely he ought now to be tough on himself and retract his change of position and reaffirm strongly the old and constant stance of the SSPX; and gentle on others. His sermon yesterday indicates that he is being soft on himself, while his actions show he is being tough on others. This is pathetic leadership, as well as bad Christianity. He needs everybody’s prayers.

No doubt there’s more to the Avrille/Morgon story than we know, but again, bad leadership! The ordinations ought to have been deferred earlier, or proceeded with. And in any case, Bishop Fellay cannot demand an unconditional expression of loyalty. If he changes position, he can’t expect people to follow out of obedience, loyalty, or any other virtue.

And this was all predicted by Bishop de Galarreta last year at the Chapter meeting to discuss the Preamble!

What an almighty mess.

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