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 SSPX "Conditions" for regularisation 
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New post SSPX "Conditions" for regularisation

The General Chapter

This took place at Ecône from 9th to 14th July, following a priests’ retreat preached by Fr Alain Lorans, the former rector of that seminary. The chapter began with its calling, with the reading of the rules of the chapter and the examination of the convocations, as well as of the case of Bishop Williamson, who has seen himself suspended from his office of capitulant by reason of canon 2331, 1 and 2 (NC 1373). The chapter gave its approval to the Superior General by a very large majority. The capitulants then invoked the Holy Ghost before swearing to keep secret the deliberations of the Chapter. The work of the Chapter was thus then able to begin.

You will see attached the Final Declaration that the Chapter adopted before it broke up and its members made their way to the tomb of our esteemed founder. This declaration will be made public on DICI, the official organ of communication of the General House.

Also, the essential conditions of any normalisation of our relations with the official Church were given a better definition :

The sine qua non conditions to which the Society binds itself and that she requires from the Roman authorities before considering a canonical recognition :

1 Freedom to keep, to transmit and to teach the sane doctrine of the unchanging magisterium of the Church and of the unchangeable truth of Divine Tradition ; freedom to defend, to correct and to reprove, even in public, those responsible for the errors or novelties of modernism, of liberalism, of The Second Vatican Council and their consequences ;

2 Exclusive use of the liturgy of 1962. The retention of the sacramental practice that we have at the moment (including holy orders, confirmation and marriage) ;

3 The guarantee of at least one bishop.

Desirable conditions :

1 Our own ecclesiastical tribunals, in the first instance ;

2 Exemption of houses of The Society of St Pius X in respect of diocesan bishops ;

3 A Pontifical Commission in Rome for Tradition, dependent on the Pope, with a majority of members, and the presidency, from Tradition.

The Acts of the Chapter will be published in the edition of Cor Unum to come out between now and the end of July. You will read how the keeping of natural, professional and commis secrets is a serious obligation, binding in justice. May this circular letter, meant only for superiors and to be made known to members of The Society of St Pius X, remain within our society, and not be made known in public, in particular on the Internet, on forums and blogs.


Bishop Fellay has asked me to add the following considerations :

The General House is well aware of the trouble and disquiet – often exagerrated - that have been caused by certain ambiguities, ambiguities that Rome has only clarified very recently, in particular by the reply of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith dated 13th June last. Bishop Fellay is, moreover, grateful to Rome for having, at last, clarified precisely its position, which will allow the problems to be dealt with more easily in future. From now on, may our energies be united, and may rash judgements, and knocking of each other, stop.

In Christ our King.

Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:04 pm
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New post Re: SSPX "Conditions" for regularisation
A few general comments.

First, the deal is so dead now that in the view of the senior men of the SSPX nothing could revive it. The June 13 text came from Benedict, not from the CDF. This explains, in part, the peace and unanimity of the General Chapter meeting. There was nothing really to fight about.

Second, Bishop Fellay's authority is in tatters. He was essentially stripped of his most potent capacity, the capacity to sign an agreement with "rome", by the General Chapter, and he went along with it.

Third, there will be no repercussions against those who spoke out against a deal. The political climate would make any sanctions terribly odious, without any proportionate gain.

Now, what are we to make of the text above?

It displays three essential elements. One, it echoes what Archbishop Lefebvre said he would accept in '88. Two, it seems to me to be a face-saving exercise, meant to show that the SSPX is willing to accept a "reasonable" offer. Three, it is really a bulwark against any future deal, by demanding the right to criticise and reject the heresies of Vatican II, and further, to criticise those who preach those heresies, and finally, the right to re-confer sacraments as a matter of course (such as Confirmation) as the Fraternity does now. Just as Benedict presented a text that it knew the Fraternity could not possibly accept, on June 13, so the General Chapter has laid down a condition which it knows Benedict could never accept.

In that sense, this is a farcical text. It is a compromise document, obviously worked out by disparate elements within the General Chapter, yet it contains things that are really essentially sedevacantist in spirit.

What the future holds is now in a very real sense in the hands of the Vatican, ironically, because its reaction has the capacity to take advantage of the real divisions of opinion within the Fraternity. A declaration of schism may well produce a minor split, as in '88. An offer which grants most of what the above text demands may well produce internal tensions similar to what we've seen in the past few months.

The one thing that cannot happen now, however, is a secret deal negotiated and signed by three men, then imposed on the Fraternity as law, and that is a great relief to most of its members.

In Christ our King.

Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:34 am
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New post Re: SSPX "Conditions" for regularisation
The above was only the last half of the text of this letter. Here is the first half, which contains interesting information on the April 17 text (it referred to the Anti-Modernist Oath, to which "rome" objected), and also on the May 9 meeting between Bishop Fellay and Mons. Pozzo.

Internal Letter from the Secretary-General of the SSPX, Father Christian Thouvenot to the superiors of the SSPX dated 18 July.

During the month of May, Mons. Fellay went to Corsica, to confirm some of the faithful in an atmosphere that was a little tense after the local bishop had thought it well to take the task to himself.

The Superior General then visited the Priory of Marseille and the School of Brignoles, where he once again dispensed the Sacrament of Confirmation and gave two conferences on our current relations with Rome.

On 9 May, he was in Rome with the First Assistant, to urge from Monsignor Pozzo the guarantee to be allowed to continue to denounce errors and scandals, in the event that the SSPX was canonically erected as a prelature by the Holy See. The discussion stumbled particularly on the recognition of the legitimacy of the new rite, that is, about the validity of this liturgical law and thus the legitimacy of celebrating according to the rite of Paul VI.

Finally, the examination of the text presented by Mons. Fellay by an assembly of cardinals had led to substantial demands for modifications (apart from the liturgical question, the recognition "of the Second Vatican Council and the subsequent magisterium, to be understand in continuity with the prior magisterium," suppression of our reference to the anti-modernist oath, and the introduction of references to the new catechism, etc.). These demands were submitted to our Superior General on Wedneday 13 June. Msgr. Fellay immediately responded that he could not sign such a declaration. So we have come back to the starting point, that is, at a dead end, which is how Msgr. Fellay expressed the matter on 29 June in Ecône.

In the meantime, the Superior General went to Theresa High School in Schoenberg for confirmations (May 13), to Austria (Salzburg and Vienna) and to the Czech Republic (journey from 16 to 21 May) and at Pentecost on the pilgrimage of Chartres, then at the end of May, to Stuttgart.

The First Assistant [Fr. Pfluger] was at the beginning of the month in the Romagna region of Italy to preach to a youth retreat. After a trip to Rome on 9 May he was in Wang's (Switzerland) for the school party of 13 May. On 20 May, he celebrated in the presence of the Swiss District Superior a Mass of thanksgiving for the 25 years of our chapel in Goldau in the canton of Schwyz. In late May, he went to Germany, first to Berlin and then to Stuttgart, to travel to southern France - the school of Saint-Joseph Carmes of Montreal de l'Aude, the Priory in Montpellier and Toulouse. He visited the house of Notre-Dame, which is being set up to create within the SSPX a real contemplative life.

The second assistant [Fr. Nely] was on 6 May in Marseilles and then flew to Kenya, where he blessed the new building for the Novitiate of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary. He also preached a retreat to a good group of the faithful in Kampala, Uganda. After his return on 13th, Father Nely on 17 June visited the new priory in Nancy. He then went to Suresnes to the district headquarters, where he informed the friends and benefactors of the SSPX of the latest developments of our contacts with Rome.

For his part, the General Bursar [Fr. Baudot] traveled to Canada in May. He made ​​a trip to Winona and then went to Dillwyn, Virginia, the construction site of the future seminary in the United States where the foundations have begun after site work.

Source: ... erdaderas/

In Christ our King.

Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:13 am
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