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A question for our friends in Chile
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Author:  Ken Gordon [ Thu Dec 01, 2011 7:02 pm ]
Post subject:  A question for our friends in Chile

This morning, at the suggestion of my dear wife, I have been reading an article, published on the website of Commonweal magazine, originally written by a man by the name of John Wilkins, a former editor of the Tablet of London, which addresses the "modern" translations of certain prayers in the Mass, recently presented to the Novus Ordo community, amongst much opposition.

The title of this article is, "Lost in Translation".

The more of this article I read, the more agitated and literally angry I became, primarily at the complete lack of understanding shown by this man and those who published, and RE-published, his article towards the prayers of the Church, and the REAL issues present.

However, one can often learn something of interest to folks like us from reading such trash. In this case, I found the following of extreme interest:

"In October 2001 the presidents of the ICEL bishop's conferences at last met with Cardinal Medina (of Chile) in Rome. He stomped all over them, like a schoolmaster confronting unruly pupils. They came out fuming impotently. As demanded by Medina, the staff and experts (sic.) who had served the commission were dismissed, including the executive secretary, John Page, a layman who had particularly incurred Medina's ire. For thirty years (!) Page had served the staff of ICEL. The courteous gentle American sat at the table during his last meeting with the episcopal board, in Ottawa in 2002, with tears streaming down his face." (Oh, the POOR fellow!!! my heart bleeds purple prune juice for him!)" :x

Now comes the crux of why I found this interesting:

"A year later, Medina retired from the CDW. One of his last official acts - symbolically (?) - was to ordain priests in the Tridentine rite (!), as though it were on an equal level in the church with the reformed rite. (!!!!!)"

So, I looked up Cardinal Medina: he was born in 1926, which would make him 85 today. He was ordained in 1954, which would make him a valid priest. However, he was made a bishop by JPII himself much later, which would automatically, as far as I am concerned, NOT make him a valid bishop!

So, my questions are: 1) does anyone know whether or not this man was conditionally (at least) properly re-consecrated a REAL bishop, and 2) does anyone know WHICH priests he ordained "in the Tridentine rite...", 3) who they are, and 3) where they are today?

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