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 Fr Lawrence Smith's interview in the July 31st Remnant 
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New post Fr Lawrence Smith's interview in the July 31st Remnant
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Stephen Heiner

Tue Aug 01, 2006 4:16 am
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New post Re: Fr Lawrence Smith's interview in the July 31st Remnant
Dear Stephen,

Thank you for these. There is a wonderful book on this theme, "The Church and Farming," by Fr. Denis Fahey.

In our era everything is inverted. The fact that society begins with and is constituted of families as indissoluble natural units has been completely obscured, to the point where the family has been not just ignored in the cesspool of the modern all-powerful State and the supremely proud yet impotent Individual, but the very notion of "family" has been re-defined so as to wreck the word entirely. Likewise the natural affinity that man has with nature has been perverted, so that instead of the humble gardener tilling his own patch, he is the worshipper of Mother Nature who owns nothing of the earth (he rents a piece of suburban nonentity from a bank) but who sits spellbound as he is told lies about how the atmosphere is disappearing because of the gas from his refrigerator and the whales are more intelligent than little children, but who has no idea how to make a carrot or a rose bush grow. He denies Original Sin, and he is incompetent to do his bit to reverse it in nature by reducing a piece of the earth to order. In his outlook, nature is ordered and gardens are disordered.

In Christ our King.

Tue Aug 01, 2006 10:00 pm
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Thank you for the interview Stephen. It's refreshing to see a priest in the line of Fr. Vincent McNabb.

My conversion from Protestantism involved a healthy dose of Fr. McNabb and the "Catholic Land Movement". It was my awakening from the "all you need is a Bible, a box, a light, and everything will be alright" mentality. The idea that Christianity is more than a carefully reasoned set of propositions garnered from scripture was astounding; and that seems to me to be the basis of a "back to the land" philosophy. The faith is meant to touch all things, to influence all things, to be much more than a mere knowledge. Being in a position of relying on things greater than yourself (the weather, the crops, the heat, the rain) certainly helps one to pray and fast, and to look to the one who truely controls all.

The hemogenized life of the city gives the illusion that man is in complete control. He has no need of God, as McDonald's provides his food, and Wal-Mart provides his clothes. A man who has no need, certainly need not pray. Couple all of this with the modern cult of the ego which tells everyman that he is the pinnacle of existance, that his wants and desires are all that matter, and you have a society of ego maniacs who do nothing but float from one pleasure to the next. The rural life is the perfect remedy for this situation.

I think traditionalists are instinctively attracted to the "Back to the Land" movement because we value the permanent things, and view the rural life as a return to the simplicity of the faith of our father's. Imagine that, actually desiring to walk in the path of our ancestors, instead of viewing them as a bunch of backward savages who were evil bigots who farmed all day and didn't have a microwave oven to "cook" up their corn dogs! :wink:

Fr. Smith's words resounded strongly with me, as he points to a way that is inherantly Catholic....for it requires sacrafice, suffering, a strong family (dare I say, even a very large one?), a sense of one's "place", and a good recipe for homemade wine. :)

Thank you again for the interview.

In Christ,

Wed Aug 02, 2006 12:02 am
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