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 Dignitatis Humanae once again... 
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New post Dignitatis Humanae once again...

Dear Members of Bellarmine Forums,

as this is my first post on this forum, please let me briefly introduce myslef. I am 29 years old from Poland, I've been married for over two years and with my wife we have a son, who has been recently baptised at SSPX chapel in Warsaw. Me and my wife are both barrister trainees. For the first time I encountered traditional Catholicism in my highschool's years, but with all these confusing things in the Church around I eventually lost my faith (with a changes in theology and liturgy as the main reason for my apostasy, I think). Now, with God's grace, I've been for couple of months in a process of reconverting to the True Faith, as I finally figured out that the present crisis is not something accidental but rather it's a God's plan by the end of times as prophesied in the Holy Scripture and Marian apparitions, therefore proving that Catholic faith is the true one.

I am leaning towards sedevacantism, but I'm also trying to find some explanations of crucial issues as proposed by the Novus Ordo theologians. I believe we all agree that the subject of religious liberty is one of those issues. I wonder if you are familiar with the works of prof. Thomas Pink (see a recent post on Rorate Caeli blog ... .html#more) who apparently is arguing for a continiuty of Vat II teaching and the pre-conciliar Church's teaching on this subject.

What is your opinion on his works?

God bless!

Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:15 pm
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New post Re: Dignitatis Humanae once again...
There are only two people in the world that think it has been reconciled Prof. Pink and himself. It is pure fantasy and a total loss with reality anyone that attempts to argue such a thing.

This is the sort of hypocrisy and double standard that the Novus Ordo apologists use all the time. So all of a sudden John XXII is some super heretic, yet the Conciliar anti-Popes can be excused for heresy. If they were consistent it would be more believable, but its just totally dishonest. They use so many rules of measuring "heresy" depending on how they want to reconcile things. Now I have not read what Mr. Pink has written, but honestly the modern controversialist materials are completely useless to be honest. I would not recommend to waste your precious time on it. These men have no idea of what they are talking, so how can they presume to teach others. They will without any scruples simply discount the opinion of men who are 100 times more intelligent and holy then they will ever be, but it matters little simply because in their eyes its all about how they "feel" about theology. They feel the Vatican II sect, is "catholic" and therefore they will defend it. Anathema sit to all those who defend the demonic thesis of religious liberty. One simple litmus test is whether or not they have any doubts, if they do then you can be sure that there is still some good will in that individual. If they think that it can be reconciled in a slam dunk fashion, this person should be taken to psych ward for examination.

What would be more beneficial for you is to read the opinions of St. Thomas Aquinas on these matters. Trust me his thought pretty much encompasses anything you can think of, I have yet to search St. Thomas and not have received a satisfactory answer. Its not just Mr. Pink, but also "Fr." Harrison and some other French monk that "reconciled" religious liberty with tradition. The only men that believed they have successfully done that is precisely the men who wrote it, but it takes them volumes of proof-texting to finally reconcile these two ideas. That just comes to show you how wrong they are, and that is the whole problem with the FSSP pseudo-theology. They might be familiar with Thomism, but to them its similar to the Anglican Divines that had memorized all the Fathers of the Church by heart without changing their stance of faith one bit. I know atheists that know the thought of St. Thomas much better than I do, they can quote from memory his works, but of what good will that do at the end of the day? They are going to be held accountable that much more in the day of judgment and woe to these men.

I tell you this because they lack of common sense, and pragmatism. Anyone that tells you the solution is going to be found in 100 years in the future, and that until that day happens your salvation is in the hands of heretics. This is why every single year that passes by, the SSPX position becomes extremely absurd during the lifetime of +Lefebvre it seemed to make sense, but shortly after his death the whole thing went to shambles. That guy is spiritually conning you (selling you a false heaven), and if you can't see that then maybe you deserve to be conned. You see the SSPX and the FSSP pretty much both appeal to some x unknown year in the future as their a-priori frame of reference for all things dealing with the crisis of the Church and the apparent Great universal apostasy. Don't have any authoritative magisterium? Ohh don't worry just appeal to some future magisterium and it fixes all problems. Just remember THAT ALL previous anathematized heretics did the same thing, when they rejected the teachings of the Magisterium either when formed together in Ecumenical Council or anathematized by name by the pope or bishop of the locality. All these other heretics would simply say that the current magisterium "was insufficient." Take that to heart, and ask yourself who is conning you. Who is selling you a pipe dream, and pure contradictions AT EVERY level. The strict sedevacantist stance that is Thomist, gives it to you straight and does not attempt to downplay the level of the crisis or exaggerate it. It just gives it to you, how the facts align with the reality of the situation.

Laudare, Benedicere et predicare...
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Tue Jan 20, 2015 2:00 pm
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