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Simple proof Modernism = worst heresy
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Author:  Alan Aversa [ Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:30 am ]
Post subject:  Simple proof Modernism = worst heresy

Summa II-II q. 10 a. 3 c. (where St. Thomas refutes Protestantism before it exists :)):
St. Thomas Aquinas wrote:
Every sin consists formally in aversion from God…. Hence the more a sin severs man from God, the graver it is. Now man is more than ever separated from God by unbelief, because he has not even true knowledge of God: and by false knowledge of God, man does not approach Him, but is severed from Him.

Nor is it possible for one who has a false opinion of God, to know Him in any way at all, because the object of his opinion is not God. Therefore it is clear that the sin of unbelief is greater than any sin that occurs in the perversion of morals.
Pascendi §16:
Pope St. Pius X wrote:
The same conclusion follows from the distinction Modernists make between science and faith. The object of science they say is the reality of the knowable; the object of faith, on the contrary, is the reality of the unknowable. Now what makes the unknowable unknowable is its disproportion with the intelligible - a disproportion which nothing whatever, even in the doctrine of the Modernist, can suppress. Hence the unknowable remains and will eternally remain unknowable to the believer as well as to the man of science. Therefore if any religion at all is possible it can only be the religion of an unknowable reality.
"by false knowledge of God, man does not approach Him, but is severed from Him"
Modernism claims there cannot be knowledge of God at all.
∴ Modernism = unbelief = greatest sin.
∴ Modernism is the greatest heresy.

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