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Catholocism's Decline since Vatican II
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Author:  Abba [ Tue May 30, 2006 6:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Catholocism's Decline since Vatican II

This review by Pat Buchanan on"Index of Leading Catholic Indicators" is sobering indeed, and it has only gotten worse, I would think. There is much to pray for - much. . . .

Our Lady's Sorrowful Immaculate Heart is pierced through and through. May we be her heel to crush the head of satan - through our prayers and penance.

Author:  John Daly [ Tue May 30, 2006 7:27 pm ]
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Dear America,

Please be consoled by the thought that the situation summarised by Pat Buchanan is much worse in other countries. Here in France the typical Novus Ordo parish priest/pastor is responsible for about fifteen churches: there is a rota system and the "faithful" go to a different church each Sunday. They will see some twenty or thirty others at their "Mass", if they are doing well. Over 90% of the population were baptised as Catholics and about 1% are still practising.

The Novus Ordo "priests" are still kept busy with baptisms, marriages, funerals and quite a few "first communions", which in France are just called "communions" because everyone presumes that receiving Holy Communion is something you only do once in your life.

Why are things worse in France? I suspect because the French are more astute. They spotted straight away, at the time of Vatican II, that their clergy no longer believed the faith they were theoretically representing, and the people refused to be conned with the false religion of Vatican II. Alas they simply voted with their feet instead of keeping the faith. That said, France also has a high proportion of traditional Catholics and even of sedevacantists. Please say a prayer to St Joan of Arc for us - today is her feast day over here.

John Daly

Author:  Gesta Dei Per Francos [ Tue May 30, 2006 9:22 pm ]
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Dear John,

you wonder why things are worse in France...
You went back to the time of the Vatican II Council.
I think you have to go back to our first king Clovis and read the testament of saint Remi. It explains how France will be punished if she fails in her mission. Then, you have to analyze the situation under King Louis XIV, under the Revolution and during the XIXth century... and realize how France was infidel.

My nickname is one of the keys to understand how France is so evil now : GESTA DEI PER FRANCOS.



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