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 The Post-Conciliar Church...A New Religion? 
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New post The Post-Conciliar Church...A New Religion?
The following is an email that I sent to Fr. Peter Scott (SSPX) some time ago. I have posted it so that forum members can benefit from John Daly’s excellent comments.

Dear Fr. Scott,

Please find attached comments by Mr. John Daly of France to your comments which first appeared in The Angelus in April 2003 and can be viewed at the following link:

Please bear in mind that Mr. Daly’s remarks were originally made in response to an enquiry by myself and were made without any intention of ill-will towards you. He was merely commenting on the concluding paragraph to your article.

If you have time to spare, I would be most interested in a reply to Mr. Daly.

Yours in Christ our King,


Fr. Peter Scott (SSPX): It consequently cannot be denied that Vatican II attempts to constitute a new religion in radical rupture with all of Catholic Tradition and teaching, a new religion whose principal purpose is to exalt the natural dignity of the human person and to bring about a "religious" unity of mankind.

John Daly: Agreed.

Fr.Scott: However, the subtle cleverness of this operation must also be noted.

John Daly: Agreed, except the word "however" which doesn't seem appropriate. Attempts to impose heresy always disguise it as authentic Catholicism.

Fr.Scott: It is the traditional hierarchical structure of the Church, its Mass, its devotions and prayers, its catechisms and teachings, and now even its Rosary that have all been infiltrated with the principles of the new religion.

John Daly: On the contrary, thanks be to our almighty and merciful Creator, it is quite impossible for the Mass, the catechisms and the teachings of the Church He founded to be infiltrated by the principles of a false religion. The very idea is an outrage to the faith and contrary to what the Church's theologians have always unanimously taught.

I do not understand why Fr Scott uses the expression "hierarchical structure". Is it the hierarchy of the Catholic Church or not? It is not possible for the Catholic hierarchy with moral unanimity to be infiltrated by principles of a false religion and teach that false religion to the faithful for forty years. This is not my opinion or my preference; it is the doctrine he can find in any approved theology manual.

Fr.Scott: This new religion has been swallowed down unwittingly by many Catholics precisely because it hides, as a caricature, behind the outward appearance of Catholicism. The end result is a strange mixture of Catholicism and the new religion.

John Daly: All heresies are a strange mixture of Catholicism and new religion hiding behind a resemblance to Catholicism. But the end result of mixing Catholicism with new religions is heresy. Catholicism that is not 100% pure is not Catholicism. Bonum ex integra causa, malum ex quocumque defectu is the axiomon this subject. Consider a single example to understand this axiom: when a man's wife is unfaithful three times a week, the assurance that she is faithful on the other four days does not suffice to convince him that she is a mixture of fidelity and infidelity or to console him in any way. She is simply unfaithful.

Fr.Scott: This is the reason for which we have every right to condemn the post-conciliar revolution for the new religion that it is,

John Daly: Agreed.

Fr.Scott: while at the same time we must respect the offices and functions of those who hold positions in the Church.

John Daly: Did you spot the fuge lacuna in the reasoning? Fr Scott has correctly pointed out that "many Catholics" have swallowed down the new religion unwittingly. He now apparently invites us to assume that everyone who has swallowed down the new religion has done so unwittingly, including bishops and "popes" and that those who invented it and "infiltrated" it did so unwittingly too. This is gratuitous. Does Fr Scott accept that at least some of those who spread the new religion have noticed that its tenets are in conflict with Catholicism? Does he realise that attention was frequently drawn to these conflicts at Vatican II? Does he accept that public heretics automatically lose all ecclesiastical offices without any declaration or intervention, by virtue of Canon 188§4? Does he consider that not a single member of the V2 hierarchy qualifies as a public heretic? What would he require before concluding that someone fell into that category? And on what authority?

And when all that is said and done, the problem remains that a true pope and a true hierarchy cannot teach, through their ordinary and universal magisterium, errors that have previously been repeatedly and infallibly condemned. Yet JP2, his predecessors and his henchmen do precisely that and have been doing so since I was in short pants (and now my beard is grey). There is only one escape from this dilemma: they are not the pope and hierarchy of the Catholic Church. They are formally members of the new religion and apostates from the old.

Fr.Scott: Likewise, we must admit that many Catholics in good faith still retain the true Faith in their hearts, believing on the authority of God, Who reveals divine truth through the Catholic Church, although it is often tainted to varying degrees by the principles of the new religion.

John Daly: Agreed. Fr Scott himself is one of them, with his implicit denial of the infallibility of the ordinary magisterium and his claim that the Mass and teachings of the Catholic Church can be infiltrated by false doctrine (See Denzinger 1533 and 1578).

Fr.Scott: Consequently, it does not at all follow from the fact that the Vatican II religion is truly a new religion, that we should maintain that we are the only Catholics left,

John Daly: Agreed.

Fr.Scott: that the bishops and the Pope have necessarily lost the Faith,

John Daly: The possibility of good faith in error does not prove that it exists in a given case. The errors of JP2 and many members of his hierarchy, taken in conjunction with the sound theological formation we know them to have received in youth, are such that it is quite impossible to admit prudently the possibility that they believe their doctrines to be the sound and traditional teachings of the magisterium. They have lost the faith. Our Lord warned us to beware of wolves in sheep's clothing - i.e. heretics purporting to be hierarchs. A prudent judgment is in each case necessary. The judgment is simplified when the suspect holds an office some acts of which are protected by infallibility. Promulgating a Mass or a catechism or a code of law containing a false new religion is proof positive that a man is not pope.

Fr.Scott: and that we must not pray for them or respect their position in the Church.

John Daly: We should pray for them and respect their position out of the Church. Fr Scott is right that heresy in good faith exists and does not entail excommunication and loss of office. He seems to overlook that heresy in bad faith also exists, and has effects, and is in some cases at least recognisable.

Fr.Scott: This false assertion of the sedevacantists is much too simple, and does not account for the complicated mixture of the new religion and the elements of Catholic Faith and life that is the reality that is actually happening in the Novus Ordo.

John Daly: This false assertion of the deceived husband is much too simple and does not account for the complicated mixture of fidelity and infidelity on the part of his erring wife. He should also take account of the possibility that she may have mistaken the milkman for her husband in all good faith. Now let's be serious. JP2's heresies are not accidental. We know that the V2 religion is a mixture of Catholicism and heresy. JP2 is the mixer, and he is a competent judge of the ingredients and proportions necessary to keep naive men like Fr Scott from facing up to reality. Like the scientists who judge how much rat-poison can be added to the bait so that it still tastes good enough to be swallowed while remaining lethal.

Fr.Scott: Our duty is not to condemn and excommunicate, but to help Catholics of good faith in the modern Church to make the necessary discernment, in order to totally abandon the new religion, embrace Tradition, and remain Catholic. Such must be the goal of our conversations on the subject.

John Daly: "Total abandonment of the new religion" while believing its ringleader to be the Vicar of God Incarnate, submission to whom in all things lawful is necessary to salvation, possessing the right to command our assent in matters of doctrine, protected from any dangerous error in even his ordinary teaching, his liturgy, his laws...? The people that Fr Scott wants to convince are the conciliars who still have the faith. But they very often know well enough that the SSPX position of popes leading the faithful to Hell is doctrinally impossible. The only hope for converting them to tradition is to offer them a position that is perfectly compatible with all known facts and with all traditional doctrine. There is only one such position. It is sedevacantism. Our duty is indeed not to condemn and excommunicate: it is to recognise those who have been condemned and excommunicated by the Church's constitution, laws and decrees. Though we or an angel from heaven teach you a Gospel besides that which we have taught you, let him be anathema.

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Yes, great stuff, isn't it?

In Christ our King.

Wed Jun 07, 2006 12:57 pm
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:) great interview! Right on target!

"Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

Wed Jun 07, 2006 2:36 pm

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Pax Christi !

Many thanks Cam for posting this wonderful exchange. And of course it is always a pleasure to read John Daly's thoughts on this most important of subjects.

Thanks John !

Wed Jun 07, 2006 6:31 pm

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Its so obvious that what we see is a new religion which is still in the process of being born. Like the beast in the Apocalypse which has not yet stood up to its full height.
And now ecumenism will be the catch word at EVERY catholic shrine and place of pilgrimage. A sure sign of total apostasy.

Fri Jun 09, 2006 12:59 am
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