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Help! Transcribing Garrigou-Lagrange's letters to P. Duhem
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Author:  Alan Aversa [ Wed Aug 08, 2012 3:12 am ]
Post subject:  Help! Transcribing Garrigou-Lagrange's letters to P. Duhem

Florence Greffe ("conservateur des Archives Académie des sciences-Institut de France") was generous enough to scan for me all of Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.'s letters to the French physicist Pierre Duhem. None of Fr. G.-L.'s letters to Pierre Duhem have been published, that I know of, although Fr. G.-L. printed Duhem's last letter to him in the appendix of his Dieu, son existence et sa nature (p. 759 à 763).

Stanley L. Jaki writes in his "The Physicist and the Metaphysician" (p. 195fn33) that "Rev. P. Jose F. Castaño, O.P., Rector of the Angelicum, informed me on April 4, 1987 that":
le "carte" del Padre Garrigou-Lagrange … costuiscono un archivio speciale, il quale è ancora sotto la cura e il segreto pontificio, in quanto la corrispondenza del Padre Garrigou-Lagrange tratta e coinvolge un periodo molto importante e decisivo della Chiesa moderna e in particolare della Santa Sede. Dovrà, quindi passare alcun tempo primo che tale "materiale" possa essere messo a disposizione degli studiosi.

[the "letters" of the Most Reverend Father Garrigou-Lagrange … constitute a special archive, which is still under the care and the pontifical secret, as the correspondence of Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange treats and involves a very important and decisive period of the modern Church and, in particular, of the Holy See. Some time will have to pass before this "material" can be placed at the disposal of scholars.]
So, it seems about time to publicize these letters. ☺

Is anyone here good at transcribing handwritten French? (I'm not good enough at French to read handwritten French.) If so, I'll give you the link to download all Fr. G.-L.'s letters. There are 8 letters with an average page length of 4 pages.


{This posting isn't necessarily a "prayer request," although prayers to get this done are certainly welcome :).}

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